About the author

About the Author:

JANE ROWAN, a survivor of childhood trauma and betrayal, is passionate about sharing her healing experiences, including Inner Child work. She is the author of the self-help booklet Caring for the Child Within--A Manual for Grownups, a concise, powerful guide to nurturing your Inner Child, available through her website. Jane is a Ph.D. and retired college science teacher who published numerous articles on science and education. She lives in New England. Jane has built a web- and world-presence as an expert on sexual abuse and healing.  “Dear Jack,” a letter to her dead father, appeared in  Letters to Fathers from Daughters—A Pathway of Hope and Healing (Wyatt-Mackenzie, Inc., 2007).  “Unintended Consequences,” adapted from her memoir The River of Forgetting, appeared in the volume Women Reinvented: True Stories of Empowerment and Change (LaChance, 2010). Jane’s self-published booklet “Caring for the Child Within—A Manual for Grownups” has sold over 1500 copies through her website www.janerowan.com.  Jane’s numerous short articles on the Inner Child and healing appear on websites such as www.selfgrowth.com, http://www.healing.about.com, and www.womanlinks.com.  Her blog on Inner Child and memoir topics is at http://janechild.blogspot.com.