Readers’ Comments and Reviews

Readers' Comments and Reviews

The River of Forgetting: A Memoir of Healing from Sexual Abuse is a brave and inspirational book. I appreciate Jane Rowan's fidelity in documenting her childhood, her pain, and her healing process. She has made an important contribution to our understanding of child sexual abuse and healing, affirming that we can transform trauma into lives filled with peace and joy.

~ Ellen Bass, co-author of bestseller The Courage to Heal

------------------ With astonishing bravery and eloquent voice, Jane Rowan explores what it is to be haunted by memories of childhood abuse so long and so deeply buried that you must fight to believe them true. Her work honors scars long hidden and offers hope for healing. Her book is a gift that dares to render clarity from childhood chaos.

~ Martin Moran, Author of The Tricky Part


"Incest Survivors will cheer," writes Bookish Dame

"This is a difficult review to write.  I want to tell you this book has touched my soul and psyche in ways that nothing else I've read on the subject has ever been able to.  That makes it difficult to summarize for me. "Over the years, as all of us probably have, I've read numerous books sharing survival stories of alcohol, drug use, dysfunctional families, incest, child abuse and the like.  Not until this book has any one of them had the same impact.  I attribute a lot of that to the fact that Jane Rowan is not whining and enlisting the sympathies of the reader...or even asking for the blame to be placed not only on the offending father or mother, but on the opposite parent or guardian. "Jane Rowan's book is not a matter-of-fact story, either, but a real and honest walk with her in discovery.  It's as  if we're on an excavation, an uncovering of an ancient ruin (an apt word) that has such power to harm that it's a cancer that's virtually inoperable unless it's painstakingly routed out.  What a new concept!  No crying and subconscious or conscious begging for "poor me" readers--just "here's what I uncovered, it was such a journey to get there!" "Ms Rowan writes her non-fiction book like a novel.  It's a book so easy to read that one has nearly finished before it's realized.  I had a hard time putting it down.  The hours rushed by as I was caught up in her powerful and easy prose. "One of the most intriguing and significant books of its kind I've had the pleasure of reading and reviewing."

~The Bookish Dame book blog

------------------   "Well-written, interesting and brutally honest. This is a book that may be difficult for some to read, but it’s also an important story to understand the consequences of sexual assault on the victim. You really must read this one!" ------------------ A powerful and sensitive portrayal, full of insight into Jane’s own confusion as well as her family’s bewildering dynamics. The writing is by turns lyrical and gut-wrenching, angry and tender. This inspiring, important book shows that healing and joy are possible after childhood abuse.

~ Marilyn Van Derbur, author of the bestselling Miss America By Day

------------------ I stayed up until 4 AM reading it.

~ Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D., author of Writing the Artist Statement

------------------ In this moving narrative a most talented writer/poet puts eloquent words to her pain, past and path to healing. Jane tells her own story and in so doing is transformed. Her story will go a long way to transforming anyone who has experienced child abuse. As a survivor myself I highly recommend this book. ~ John Lee, author of The Flying Boy and The Anger Solution ------------------ The River of Forgetting is an enthralling and unforgettable book. It is the story of a scientist’s dangerous journey through the darkness of innuendo, dream and fog to the clear light of her own self; and because she allows us to follow into deeply personal realms, we learn to question ourselves. She becomes our heroine, and reveals to us the process of discovery itself. She awakens to shadows lurking in her psyche; to face them, she cuts through layers of her own armor with her own swords--authentic movement, creative writing, and wildly abstract paintings. She goes beyond her fear in search of the unthinkable, which has lain hidden in her deepest places. She finds hope and wisdom through her inner children, who are afraid and in need of love; and in her search she accepts only what feels like her truth. Kate Chopin described the kind of artist this scientist became in the process of discovery: she came to possess “the courageous soul…the brave soul. The soul that dares and defies.” If you read this book, be prepared to search for your own, authentic life.

~ Patricia Lee Lewis, author of A Kind of Yellow